The Revered Leader

The Revered Leader

Vietnam’s most honored leader is by far Ho Chi Minh who is responsible for leading Vietnam in fighting the Japanese during WWII, defeating French colonialists, and reunifying the country after the Vietnam War. After traveling abroad in France and the Soviet Union, Ho Chi Minh brought communist ideology back to Vietnam and began the communist party that endures today. Though he died in 1969 before the Vietnam War ended, his leadership during the war was a strong factor in victory for the north.

Bringing Home the Gospel, Part 2

Su, her two teenagers, and the five village children made a circle with colorful straw mats in the main room and sat cross-legged ready to begin their activities. Su’s sons began teaching the children a new song that Su had shared with them. The tune was a lot like songs the children had heard but with new words that told about the Creator God. As the children began to sing loudly, a woman’s voice interrupted the worship time.

Bringing Home the Gospel, Part 1

This is the first of a four-part, fictional story based off of real life events. It is not a true depiction of one person’s life, but intended to be an example of the types of persecution that Vietnamese people face in their home villages. 

Su wakes up to someone calling her name. The voice seems far off, more of an echo than a clear sound. She rises from bed and walks to the open window of her bamboo house and the sound gets louder.