Living With Communism

Vietnam is a communist nation. So what does that mean for Vietnamese people? Here are a few answers to help you understand more about communist Vietnam and how you can pray.

What is communism?
Communism is a political theory that centers on communally owned property and a classless social structure. Some versions of communism assert that true communism only occurs after a complete overthrow of capitalism.

In many communist countries today, the governments often hold authoritarian control over politics, the economy, and society.

Where are communist countries?
Today there are five communist countries in the world: China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and Vietnam.

What about Vietnam?
Vietnam is officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, a single-party framework led by the Communist Party of Vietnam.

It became unified under communist rule in 1975 after three decades of war. Communists under Ho Chi Minh fought and conquered French colonialists and then defeated the anti-communist south and its allies.

Vietnam is led by a president who is the chief of state and a prime minister who is the head of the government.

The communist party of Vietnam holds the central role in politics and society, but in recent years communist orthodoxy has become less important due to the need for economic development.

What does this mean for Christians?
Vietnamese authorities have traditionally viewed Christianity as an outside threat to its communist way of life.

Today the communist government officially recognizes six religions, including Evangelical Christianity, but Christians all over the country still face persecution.

Christians are often heavily watched and have been subject to interrogations, property seizures, and sometimes even beatings. Much of the persecution today results from social pressures from families and communities. Authorities often encourage communities to ostracize Christians and those who associate with them.

How can you pray?
When we asked Christian leaders in Vietnam how we could pray for them, one thing they mentioned was to pray for the government. Many of the church leaders want to work with the government and show government leaders that Christianity is beneficial to Vietnam and its people.

Recently, some Christians have been allowed to minister to people in prisons and those battling drug addictions. The church in Vietnam is hopeful that these types of ministries will continue and that the government will begin to see that Christianity can be beneficial to Vietnamese society.

Pray for the leaders of Vietnam and government authorities to hear the gospel and turn to faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Pray for Christians to find favor with government officials to show how Christianity is good for Vietnam and can be helpful for society.