Street Life

On a typical work day for Sai,* she could walk miles of city blocks with her shop on her shoulders. Her hopes of a meal for the day depend on emptying the two baskets dangling from a bamboo pole. Like many in large cities, Sai operates a portable store, selling anything from drinks and cigarettes to fresh fruit and spring rolls. Street vendors like Sai work long hours and have difficult lives.

Like Sai, many Vietnamese people are street vendors, making a living selling whatever they can. They carry heavy loads on foot, by motorbike, on sidecars, or on bicycles. Many street vendors live hand-to-mouth lifestyles, with their daily meals depending on what they were able to sell. For those who have children, life is especially hard as they try to support their families on fluctuating incomes.

To see photos of what life is like selling on the streets, check out our blog post The Street Vendor (provide link).

Pray for street vendors in Vietnam to find the provision and love offered in a relationship with Christ.

Pray for Christians in Vietnam to take every opportunity to show love and share the message of salvation with street vendors.

* Name changed


Throughout the month of May 2015, we are asking individuals, families, groups of friends, small groups, and churches to join with us and commit to pray for the peoples of Vietnam. We will be posting stories and sharing ways to pray daily through the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also download a prayer guide and other resources here.