The Giay People

In the remote areas of northern Vietnam live the Giay people (pronounced “Zay”). The Giay migrated from China about 200 years ago and are animists, practicing spirit worship. Twice a year the Giay people sacrifice animals in order to appease the spirits of their villages. Mostly farmers, of the over 55,000 Giay people, there are fewer than 10 known believers in Christ.

For more on the Giay people, visit our people groups page.

A Prayer for the Giay People

Heavenly Father, thank you for creating the Giay people who live in northern Vietnam. Thank you that you know each one and love them. We pray for every Giay person to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Lord, please send your word to the Giay people. Right now they have no Scripture in their own language. Father, please send Scripture to them that can show them who you are in the language of their hearts. Lord we also pray for the small group of Giay Christians. Thank you for saving them! Please strengthen them during times of persecution and give them boldness to reach out to their own people with the gospel. Thank you Lord, for loving the Giay people and calling them to yourself. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


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