Overseas Vietnamese

Over 3 million Vietnamese people live outside Vietnam with 1.7 million in the United States alone. Many leave their remote villages to find work in factories in nearby countries. Others travel farther for school or work. A great number of these “overseas Vietnamese” have heard the gospel and turned to faith in Christ! Now many have the desire to return to their country and share the gospel with other Vietnamese in their home villages.

You can share the gospel with the peoples of Vietnam living near you. Go to www.peoplegroups.org and search for a Vietnamese people group to see if any of the peoples of Vietnam live in your area. Chances are they do!

How you can pray:

  • Pray for these “overseas Vietnamese” to take the gospel back to their homes and for the gospel to spread like wildfire among large cities and small villages in Vietnam.
  • Pray for Christians in Vietnam to be able to train these returning believers to help them be effective in their ministries and prepare for persecution.


Throughout the month of May 2015, we are asking individuals, families, groups of friends, small groups, and churches to join with us and commit to pray for the peoples of Vietnam. We will be posting stories and sharing ways to pray daily through the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also download a prayer guide and other resources here.