The Factory Worker

For many people, living in large cities is a necessary inconvenience. Factory workers often live and work in large cities in Vietnam without their families, who stay behind in their villages. Workers spend long hours for a paycheck that they send back to provide for parents, spouses, or children. For many workers, the only opportunity to return home to visit family is during the lunar new year festival once a year.

Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people also work in factories overseas. Many countries around the world employ Vietnamese workers who must leave their home country to find a way to make ends meet. These workers can spend several years working in factories and sometimes do return home. Many of the peoples of Vietnam working overseas have greater access to the gospel. This is a great opportunity for Christians around the world to share the good news with the peoples of Vietnam.

Pray for factory workers in cities to find true hope in life through Jesus Christ, and for churches to be started among them that can multiply to their home villages.

Pray for returning export workers who have become believers while working in factories overseas to be able to overcome persecution from family and local authorities and stand firm in their faith and boldly serve God.


Throughout the month of May 2015, we are asking individuals, families, groups of friends, small groups, and churches to join with us and commit to pray for the peoples of Vietnam. We will be posting stories and sharing ways to pray daily through the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also download a prayer guide and other resources here.