Vietnamese Catholics

Tu* attends weekly Catholic mass where she lifts hopeful prayers to Mary. Every morning she helps her mother kneel at the family altar to Tu’s father who has passed away. On her way to school, Tu stops by an altar to the tree spirit to ask for a blessing on her day. Like many Vietnamese Catholics, Tu’s religion is a blend of many different beliefs, and she hopes that one of her efforts will make a difference.

Catholics represent less than 10% percent of the population of Vietnam. Pray that Vietnamese Catholics will open their hearts to salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

Pray for a renewal of Bible reading to occur among Catholics so that they will hear clearly the true message of salvation.

* Name changed


Throughout the month of May 2015, we are asking individuals, families, groups of friends, small groups, and churches to join with us and commit to pray for the peoples of Vietnam. We will be posting stories and sharing ways to pray daily through the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also download a prayer guide and other resources here.