Bringing Home the Gospel, Part 1

This is the first of a four-part, fictional story based off of real life events. It is not a true depiction of one person’s life, but intended to be an example of the types of persecution that Vietnamese people face in their home villages. 

Su wakes up to someone calling her name. The voice seems far off, more of an echo than a clear sound. She rises from bed and walks to the open window of her bamboo house and the sound gets louder.

In a stern, high-pitched male voice, a warning is given to all villagers. Next door, her elderly neighbor turns the volume up on the radio and Su can hear the warning loud and clear: “Stay away from Su. She is teaching your children lies from the Bible. Do not go to Su’s Christian meetings or you will be punished.”

Su walks confidently to find her son and daughter and reassure them that following Jesus is the right way. The two teenagers have just believed after reading the Bible that Su brought back with her after she became a Christian.

They huddle together as the sun begins to peek through their window and pray for God to bless the gathering they had planned for the village children.

Last week, a large group of children came and heard the gospel. Many of them decided to place their faith in Jesus. With these warnings blaring over the radio, Su knows that some children won’t be allowed to come.

As they pray, Su remembers hearing the gospel for the first time. She was working in a factory in another country. When Su gave her life to Christ, she knew she had to come back and spread the gospel to her village. The first two to believe were her children—once rebellious, now partners in the work.

Heavy footsteps interrupt their prayers. Su’s husband growls a remark about how they were wasting their time. She thinks back to yesterday when she saw some officials talking to her husband with stern looks and animated gestures.

Outside, sounds of small footsteps and whispers break up the family meeting. As Su opens her home up to these faithful children who show no signs of fear, she wonders if more than these five will show up today.

There is more to Su’s story. Follow our blog over the next few weeks to find out what happens next.