The Revered Leader

Vietnam’s most honored leader is by far Ho Chi Minh who is responsible for leading Vietnam in fighting the Japanese during WWII, defeating French colonialists, and reunifying the country after the Vietnam War. After traveling abroad in France and the Soviet Union, Ho Chi Minh brought communist ideology back to Vietnam and began the communist party that endures today. Though he died in 1969 before the Vietnam War ended, his leadership during the war was a strong factor in victory for the north.

Ho Chi Minh is revered by many Vietnamese people throughout the country. Most houses display a picture of Ho Chi Minh in a prominent place in their homes, often above the ancestor altar where he is often worshipped.

When the north gained victory over the south, northern forces renamed the southern capital Saigon as Ho Chi Minh City in honor of their leader.

Ho Chi Minh’s body lies in the capital, Hanoi, at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. It is a special place and an important landmark for Vietnamese people. Visitors are expected to pay the utmost respect while touring the monument. Cameras and hats are not allowed. Guards even monitor the posture of visitors, requiring that no one places their hands in their pockets out of respect for the deceased leader.

As the peoples of Vietnam continually remember their leader who has died, pray for them to learn about Jesus who rose from the dead and deserves all of their reverence and praise. Ask that God will show them that Jesus is Lord over all.