Unengaged, Unreached: The Mang People

Vietnam has 74 unique people groups with their own languages and cultures. Of these 74, only 3 are considered to be reached with the gospel, and 23 of them are still unengaged, unreached people groups. This post highlights an unengaged, unreached people group called the Mang. Read about the Mang and take time to pray for this people group to turn to Jesus Christ.

The Mang people group has a population in Vietnam of 3,700 and is one of 23 groups considered to be unengaged and unreached. This means that not only are the Mang less than 2 percent Evangelical Christian, but there are no current efforts to reach the Mang with the gospel. Many Mang will live their whole lives and never have the chance to hear about Jesus unless something changes.

The Mang are mostly animists and practice ancestor worship, traditions that have been handed down for generations. Mostly farmers, Mang people have an average income of about $400 per year or $30 per month. Most Mang live in the rural areas of northern Vietnam.

A handful of Mang heard the gospel over a decade ago and believed, yet today there are still fewer than 20 known followers of Christ. Currently, the Mang have no access to Scripture or any other Christian resources in their own language.

How to pray for the Mang:

  • Pray that the remnant of Mang believers perseveres and that other Mang will follow the One True God.
  • Pray that every Mang person in northern Vietnam will soon have an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.
  • Ask God to call out national church pastors and evangelists who have a zeal and passion for planting churches among the Mang.
  • Pray that the seed of the gospel will be sown abundantly in each village and home where the Mang live.

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