Unreached: The Lati of Vietnam

There is no known Christian among the 13,000 Lati people living in northern Vietnam.

The Lati (also known as Lachi) are animists, worshiping a myriad of spirits and gods. A communal house sits in the midst of every Lati village full of skulls of buffalo and oxen from previous sacrifices. The Lati seek blessings from the spirits for each harvest, holding annual rituals and praying for the seeds before they plant.

Currently the Lati are without Scripture or any Christian resources in their own language. While efforts are ongoing to reach the Lati with the message of Christ, the group remains unreached, not a single believer among them.

Will you pray for the Lati people of Vietnam?

  • Ask God to send out evangelists and church planters among the Lati.
  • Pray that many Lati will repent of their sins and worship Jesus Christ in spirit and truth.
  • Ask God to reveal His love and grace to the Lati people.
  • Pray for many Lati to gain a clear understanding that Jesus is the only way to abundant and eternal life.
  • Pray that there will soon be a worshiping Christian church of redeemed Lati people in every Lati village.
  • Ask God to glorify the name of Jesus Christ throughout northern Vietnam, which has been under communist domination for more than 50 years. Ask Him to send His messengers into every province, district, and village in northern Vietnam.

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