The Hani people of northern Vietnam migrated from southern China to northwest Vietnam about 300 years ago. The Hani have a legend of a lost book. The legend states that they once had their own script, which was written on buffalo skin by the Creator God. On a long journey they got hungry and ate the book and, ever since, have been without a written script. We pray for the day when each Hani will have a personal relationship with the Creator God through the Lord Jesus Christ!

The Hani at a Glance

  • Hani Population in Vietnam: 25,200 (also living in China and Laos)
  • Primary Language: Hani
  • Primary Occupation: Farming
  • Average Income: $70 per month  (estimate)
  • Average Education Level: 8th grade
  • Primary Religion: Taoism / Animism
  • Number of Known Christians: Fewer than 15
  • Christian Resources Currently Available: Gospel recordings are available in Hani. The Jesus Film and other audio recordings are available in Akha, which is a similar language to Hani.
  • Status: Engaged yet Unreached

Pray for the Hani

Use the requests, prayers, and Scripture below to guide your prayers for the Hani over the next week.


Pray that the seed of the gospel will be sown abundantly in each village and home where the Hani live.

Lord, as Christians share the Good News among the Hani, please send rain for the seed that is sown, so the harvest will be rich and plentiful. (Isaiah 30:23-26)


Pray that the Hani will turn from the worship of evil spirits to the worship of the one and only God who created them and loves them deeply.

Father, may the Hani no longer fear evil and oppressive spirits. Instead may they turn to You alone as the Most High God to fear. Be for them a sanctuary. (Isaiah 8:12-14)


Ask the Lord to call out evangelists and church planters to go to Hani villages to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Father, please call out evangelists to share the Gospel with the lost Hani. Purify the lips and hearts of these evangelists and prepare them for the work. (Isaiah 6:5-8)


Ask God to plant a deep desire to know the true Creator God in the hearts of the Hani.

Oh, Lord, please be gracious to the Hani. May they long to know You. May they seek You every morning and know that you alone are their strength and salvation. (Isaiah 33:2)


Pray that God will bless the Hani and pour His Spirit out on them.

Lord, pour out Your Spirit on the Hani and bless them. Write Your name upon their hearts. May they say, “I am the Lord's.” (Isaiah 44:3-5)


Pray that there will soon be groups of Christians in every Hani village who meet together to worship the Most High God.

Father, do a new thing among the Hani. Give them drink from Your River of Life. For You made them for Yourself, that they may proclaim Your praise. (Isaiah 43:18-21)


Ask God to free the Hani from the bondage that binds them and to send messengers of Good News to the Hani.

Father, please free the Hani from the chains that bind them. Bring “beautiful feet” on the mountains to proclaim Your good news to the Hani. (Isaiah 52:1-7)