The Viet-Kinh people make up the majority of Vietnam, about 86% of the national population. They live all over the country but are concentrated most in the deltas, midlands, and coastal regions. Many Viet-Kinh also live in urban areas. Though they have a large number of Christian resources available, still only about 1.2% of Viet-Kinh are followers of Christ. Many Viet-Kinh are Buddhist, but like most people in Vietnam, their prevailing religious practice is ancestor worship.

The Viet-Kinh at a Glance

  • Viet-Kinh Population in Vietnam: 78,200,000
  • Primary Language: Vietnamese
  • Primary Occupation: Farmers and factory workers
  • Average Income: About $150 per month
  • Average Education Level: High school
  • Primary Religion: Buddhism / Ancestor worship
  • Number of Known Christians: About 1.2% of Viet-Kinh population
  • Christian Resources Currently Available: the Bible, the Jesus Film, gospel tracts, church planting manuals, Christian literature, Creation to Christ videos
  • Status: Engaged yet Unreached

Pray for the Viet-Kinh

Use the requests below to guide your prayers for the Viet-Kinh over the next week.


Please pray that Viet-Kinh believers will have a vision to take the gospel to the minority groups in Vietnam.


Please pray for God to open the hearts of the Viet-Kinh people to the gospel.


Please pray for the young Vietnamese believers who face persecution from their families and communities when they break from ancestor worship to follow Jesus Christ.  


Please pray for God to raise up Viet-Kinh men to become leaders in their families, churches, and communities.  


Please pray for the spiritual growth and maturity of the Viet-Kinh believers and churches. Pray that they would learn and teach sound doctrine so that they can easily identify false teaching.  


Please pray for the spread of the gospel on the more than 60 colleges and universities in the capital city of Hanoi.  


Please pray for more job opportunities for Viet-Kinh believers so they can support their families.